Ilkhom Jazz Club is a musical project the purpose of which is to:
host monthly jazz evenings, workshops and seminars, invite musicians from former CIS states, Europe and the US to create collaborative projects, and support young musicians.
Jazz is a phenomenon of American culture, which has been mixed with many cultures from around the world – thus creating new styles and directions. The listeners of Ilkhom Jazz Club will be introduced to a multifaceted palette of jazz music.
The project was soundly announced in September 2014 and throughout the season we organized over 20 jazz evenings, jam sessions and workshops led by: Timur Nekrasov – a jazz saxophonist and graduate of the Gnesin Academy, guitarist Fedor Dosumov – a star of the Russian fusion stage, Ari Roland’s Quartet based in New York, USA, pianist Pierre De Bettmann – Professor of the Paris Conservatory, and others. In August 2015, we organized Uzbekistan’s first “ethno-jazz laboratory” with the participation and support of Kyrgyz and Uzbek musicians.
In the new, 42nd seson, interesting meetings and the most unexpected projects await jazz lovers.
Project producer and creator:
Graduate of the Tashkent State Conservatory,
Soloist of the state Jazz Orchetra named after B. Zakirov,
Musician of the Ilkhom Theatre: Saidmurat Muratov.