10th STAGE of the Laboratory of young directors of Central Asia in 2017: Theater, Music, Poetry.
(September 20 – October 20)
Master of the Laboratory – Vladimir Pankov (studio SounDrama, Moscow).
Musical Director – Artyom Kim (OMNIBUS ensemble, Tashkent).
Experimental work in combining theatre, music and choreography. Marina Tsvetaeva’s poetic drama, “Phaedra” became the artistic basis of this work.

Main themes:
• Theater. Music. Poetry: The 10th Laboratory is linked to the production of a play based on the poetic drama of Marina Tsvetaeva’s “Phaedra”. During the creation of the production by the director Vladimir Pankov, together with the musical director Artyom Kim, the participants of the laboratory engaged in an educational process at the Ilkhom Theater. The participants were present and took part in all the processes of creating the production – from conceptual design and rehearsals to the release of the play. The format of the training included an analysis of the rehearsal process, daily discussions of said rehearsals, the method and covered material with the Master of the Laboratory and the Musical Director. The ability to understand and translate the synthesis of theatrical production and live musicians, the choreographic representation of poetic text – this is what the lab participants had to master in the process of their work.

The work principle of the 10th Laboratory is based on CCM (Collective Composition Method). Together with the OMNIBUS ensemble, Artyom Kim created the “Collective Composition Method” – a unique system for structuring the creative process based on the idea of ​​creating a work of art as a team of authors, who are simultaneously performers of this work. The method offers specific mechanisms for managing the creative process, both, on the individual and collective levels, and at all stages – from the emergence of the original idea to the structural completion of the work of art.
In many respects, CCM not only reimagines the roles of the authors and performers of the art piece – the director, the composer, the actor, the musician, but also the role of the audience itself – the viewer and the listener. CCM includes various practices (exercises, trainings, games, etc.) that teach participants to feel the flows of energy and information and learn to control them. These practices are geared towards developing intuitive feelings of ensemble and structure, the ability for spontaneous improvisation, the ability to physically and emotionally concentrate and relax in the process of individual and collective work. Every participant was given poetic material to work with in the CCM Laboratory.
Upon arriving in Tashkent, each participant was given the opportunity to create a group consisting of 2-3 actors of the Ilkhom theatre, and 2-3 musicians.
The results of this work were presented to the audience on October 14th, 2017.

Teacehrs and curators from Uzbekistan:
Musicians, actors, and directors: Boris Gafurov, Djahongir Shukurov, Artyom Kim, Sukhrob Nazimov. (The Ilkhom Theatre, and the OMNIBUS Ensemble)
Directors, scenographers, choreographers, and theatre experts from Russia and Kazakhstan:
Vladimir Pankov, Studio SounDrama (Moscow)
Sergey Agafonov, Studio SounDrama (Moscow)
Veronika Nasalskaya, BATA Theatre (Almaty)
Polina Mironova, Center for Dramaturgy and Directing (Moscow)
Elena Kovalskaya, Vsevolod Meyerhold Center (Moscow)