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(Русский) IlkhomRockFest : EVE

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Notes for an Exhibition of paintings by Faouzia and Michael Lane
Ilkhom Theatre, Tashkent
4-31 May 2017
Faouzia and Michael Barry Lane are a husband and wife team of two British artists living and working in Tashkent, Paris and Andalucia. They have lived in a restored house in a traditional neighbourhood of Tashkent since shortly after Independence. The majority of the paintings in the exhibition are collaborations, where Faouzia provides the initial inspiration and executes the preliminary drawing, which is then elaborated on and colored in oils by Michael. All decisions on the choice of motifs, colours and designs are discussed and decided on together. A personal exhibition of family Lane paintings was held in the Residence of the British Ambassador from 2014 to 2015. (more…)


On April 12th at 17:30, at the Ilkhom Theatre we will showcase a new exhibition project entitled “SECOND LIFE”
The author of the project, Naufal Kattabayev says: “To create floral compositions, objects, and even elements of interior design – our florists personally prepare and use natural materials. We utilize the gifts of nature, starting from vines and dried flowers and ending with metal and plastic.
The main objective of the exhibition is to increase the prestige of the florist-designer profession in Uzbekistan.
Our job includes fostering a respectful attitude towards flowers and natural materials, and an attempt to bring this art form in Uzbekistan to an international level. (more…)

(Русский) С праздником!

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IlklhomRockFest: Deadstone

On April 15th the IlkhomRockFest will be heavy!

We are delighted to introduce the band Deadstone, playing powerful rock in the genre of stoner/heavy metal.

The concert “Stoned Dead Forever” promises to be a serious test to your ears and the reliability of our sound equipment.

The famous Tashkent musicians Sergey Sokolov (ex-Sweet Silence), Dmitriy Minin (ex-Moment of Clarity), and Julian Fusman (ex-Sweet Silence), known to you also from the project Sabbathage are getting ready to start a fire on stage in the best traditions of Black Sabbath and Motorhead.

“Our Mahalla”

Dear friends, we are happy to inform you that due to multiple requests from our audience, we will be bringing the play “Our Mahalla” back to the stage of Ilkhom!

“Our Mahalla” is a compilation of the best artistic endeavors of Ilkhom’s Studio VII, brought together into one composition.
The audience is presented with images from the multifaceted life in the “Ilkhom” mahalla – the characters meet and part, fight and make up, love and hate, go mad and find their way. The scenography of “Our Mahalla” is filled with allusions to the most meaningful productions of the Ilkhom Theatre throughout the years. (more…)

Ilkhom Jazz Club

On March 14th at 15:00, the Ilkhom Jazz Club invites all jazz-lovers to yet another evening of art framed by the educational program, “Jazz Improvisation as a Form of Self-Expression”.
This program has planned: artistic meetings, master-classes, and workshops led by the top jazz musicians in the capital and guests from other countries.
The next artistic meeting will take place on March 14th at 15.00 in the hall of the Ilkhom Theatre of Mark Weil.
Special guest ; Hansley Poynen (vocals, percussion) (more…)


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