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IlkhomRockFest: ТупрАтикон’S

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Relying on her own taste in music and experience, mixing rock ‘n roll motifs with a generous portion of high quality rock, she manages to create the one thing that is treasured on any dance floor on planet Earth – great vibes and atmosphere.
Welcome! DJ YULA will be spinning and unraveling the dance floor on June 25th!



Уважаемые зрители, заявленный, 1 июня спектакль «Удивительное путешествие кролика Эдварда” будет заменен на премьеру спектакля «Жестяной барабан»
Приносим извинения за доставленные неудобства!


On June 1st at 17:30, Maksim Vardanyan’s personal exhibition will open at the Ilkhom Theatre of Mark Weil.
“ATELIER” is the artist’s workshop scrupulously exact to the finest details, transported into the theatre’s exhibition space. Constructed on a larger scale, the recreated Workshop will give the viewer a chance to see behind the scenes of the Artist’s creative laboratory. (more…)

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(Русский) IlkhomRockFest : EVE

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Notes for an Exhibition of paintings by Faouzia and Michael Lane
Ilkhom Theatre, Tashkent
4-31 May 2017
Faouzia and Michael Barry Lane are a husband and wife team of two British artists living and working in Tashkent, Paris and Andalucia. They have lived in a restored house in a traditional neighbourhood of Tashkent since shortly after Independence. The majority of the paintings in the exhibition are collaborations, where Faouzia provides the initial inspiration and executes the preliminary drawing, which is then elaborated on and colored in oils by Michael. All decisions on the choice of motifs, colours and designs are discussed and decided on together. A personal exhibition of family Lane paintings was held in the Residence of the British Ambassador from 2014 to 2015. (more…)