On February 5th, 2022, at 17:30, the opening of a unique exhibition of Namangan embroidery – “In the garden of beauty among wild lands” will take place at The “Ilkhom” Theatre of Mark Weil.
The exhibition will feature modern and vintage works by Namangan embroiderers, as well as photos of the late XIX – early XX century.

Uzbek suzane – is our brand. Usually it sells at auctions for tens and hundreds of thousands dollars. There is not a single famous ethnographic museum in the world that does not have Uzbek embroidery in its exposition.
Galina Ulanova covered her sofa with Bukhara embroidery; Lilya Brik loved Uzbek fabrics, prints and Ferghana embroidery! Mr. Meyerhold poses against the background of Suzane, in his famous portraits. In the most elegant interiors around the world, you can find Bukhara, Surgut, Shakhrisabz embroidery. But not a Namangan embroidery. Neither Uzbek nor foreign art critics have written a line about them. They are not even in republican museums. The ancient Namangan embroideries have not been preserved because they were used in everyday life, and they served as modest decorations for weddings, newlyweds’ houses, guest rooms. Calm, without a riot of colors and very stylish – it has a special charm.
After the end of the exhibition, all the embroideries will be put up for sale.
Admission to the exhibition is free!