Photo exhibition “All the World in One Look”
Our goal – to emphasize to people that we really are responsible for those we domesticate. So many animals are thrown to the forces of fate, often by their owners. And each animal has it’s own story thy reads so clearly in their loyal eyes. Look closer!
The exhibition supports a charitable cause – profits go to the first official shelter in Uzbekistan “Hayot-Life”, the owner of which is airosa Matkarimova.
Photographs of stray animals, as well as those living in the shelter, accenting their lively but silent eyes. We want to awaken feelings of humanity, understanding and acceptance of a difficult life.
The curator of the exhibition hopes that there will be people moved by this who will be ready to assist the shelter, as well as those who feel ready to give some of these animals a shelter and love. The more people hear and see these stories, the more responsible they will feel for life – their own and those they adopt.
All profits will be passed along to the shelter to better the conditions for animals.

Main contributor – Yuliya Moon: “self-taught photographer, editor and sponsor.”

Instructions for assisting the shelter through Payme:
1) Open Payme
2) Select “Pay for service”
3) Select “charity”
4) Find the shelter’s logo “Hayot” (logo – red/black circle, white hands, a cat, a dog, and red hearts)
5) Press the button with the logo, and OOO “Qarovsiz Qolgan Hahvonlarni ximoya qilish jamiyati” will open.
6) Indicate the sun you would like to donate
7) Press pay

Thank you in advance.
If you would like to get in touch with the director of the shelter her name is Iroda Matkarimova.