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Эдвард Олби
Постановка Марк Вайль
Режиссер-педагог Марина Турпищева
Сценография Василий Юрьев
Костюмы Антона Гуськова
Перевод Нина Тренева
Действующие лица
А засл арт .РУз Ольга Володина
В засл. арт .РУз Марина Турпищева
С Клара Нафикова
Сын Владимир Юдин

“Three tall women”

The “Ilkhom” Theater, remaining true to European theatrical tradition and using contemporary means of expressiveness, attempts to actualize an important and eternal problem: “If we can not understand each other, then why did we did invent “love”. (Yuriy Podporenko, “Vecherniy Tashkent”, 2005) Edward Albee, three time laureate of the Pulitzer Prize for drama, one of the most fruitful American dramatists, whose plays have been successfully staged worldwide for more than half a century (all his plays are best-sellers of dramaturgy), wrote his first play “The Zoo Story” in one night. “Three Tall Women” brought Albee one of his Pulitzer Awards in 1994. This play Albee dedicated to the memory of his deceased foster mother. Those, who know the life of Albee, understand his intonation in the play: similar to the son of his character, he left home in his youth. He even took the surname of his foster father. Now, in his old age, he settles his accounts: there are only three heroes, to be more accurate, three heroines in the play, and no one besides them has a voice for self-justification. This play is about the fact that each age has its truth, everyone has their own occasions for anxiety and offences, and reasons for forgiveness. All three women of different age (92, 52 and 26 respectively) are an image one, who lived long and unhappily. They are united in three persons. They have one biography and fate. The Young Woman does not know much; The Elder has already submitted to many things, a passion still boils in The Middle one. Hopes of the Young are broken by the skepticism of The Elder, and dissolved in a wise indifference of The Old. The boundaries between “I” and “we” are erased. A comic dialogue is turning into confessional monologues. Director – Mark Weil Director-pedagogue – Marina Turpischeva Stage design – Vasiliy Yuriev Music by: Bedshaped “Keane” (UK), Sarah Vaughan “Summertime” (ufo ix), Muse “Blackout”, “Ruled By Secrecy”, Cole Porter “Niht Day”, Gabin “Doo-Wop, Doo-Wop”, and Pink Floyd “Seamus”. Translation by Nina Treneva. A reproduction by Claude Monet is used in the performance. Duration of the performance 1 h 20 m.

Три высокие женщины