Play author Yuri Klavdiev
Stage Director Vladimir Pankov (studio SounDrama, Moscow)
Scenographer, costume designer Sergey Agafonov (studio SounDrama, Moscow)
Musical directors, composers Sergey Rodyukov (studio SounDrama, Moscow), Artyom Kim (ensemble "Omnibus", Tashkent)
Mother Olga Volodina (Hon. Art. RUz)
Stepfather Maxim Fadeev
GIRL Natalya Lee
GUY # 2 Rafael Babadjanov
GUY # 1 Gimal Gafiyatulin
BROTHER Abdulaziz Khodjaev
POLICEMAN # 1 Alexey Pistsov
POLICEMAN # 2 Ascar Urmanov
Vera Konstantinovna Julia Plakida
Berrimor Jan Dobrynin
Sashka Klara Nafikova

“Rain Behind The Wall”

The theater of Mark Weil “Ilkhom” with the support of the Swiss Cooperation Office in Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Prince Claus Fund of the Netherlands present the premiere play Rain Behind The Wall (written by Yuri Klavdiev).

Director: Vladimir Pankov, art director of studio “SounDrama”

The premiere took place on May 21 and 22, 2013.

The play Rain Behind The Wall is a reflection of life on the street, and its distinguishing aggressive and radical speech. It’s black-and-white palette reminds you of a hallucinogenic nightmare. The philosophic dialogues in the play are saturated with profanity, but with no intent of a defeatist attitude, and that is the basic thing in understanding the meaning of Klavdiev’s text.

The play mystically combines a rigid and uncompromising ruthlessness of the modern world, spiced with gory details, and ultimate poetic attitude of the heroes living in this man made hell, where everyone is trying to survive by his/her own means. The characters of the play are people with difficult fates, who find themselves in a terrible situation, forcing them to interpret the theme of life, death, murder, freedom and hope.

WARNING: Due to the use of profanity, explicit sexual content and themes of violence, this play is not recommended for children under the age of 21.