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“Life as a Miracle” a project of the inclusive theatre laboratory

“Life as a Miracle” a project of the inclusive theatre laboratory

The laboratory “Inclusive Theatre” presents the unique project “Life as a Miracle” on the stage of the Ilkhom Theatre.

“Life as a Miracle” is a collaborative project between the actors of the Ilkhom Theatre of Mark Weil and people with special developmental needs.

The curator of this project is Boris Pavlovich – a famous innovator, director, dramaturg, teacher, founder of “Social Theatre”, as well as a mentor for multiple workshops and laboratories of inclusive theatre.

“Theatre replenishes the deficit which has become more acute in recent years – the deficit of participation, and being present. The arsenal of contemporary art serves as a productive intervention into reality, the overcoming of alienation. The artistic project can be considered successful if in it’s process the life of at least one person was changed”, says Boris.

This project has become a unique chance for people with special developmental needs to discover their artistic abilities, find a path to self-expression, and of course simply to feel equal to everyone else in society.

The project was made possible with the support of the Swiss Bureau for collaboration with the Embassy of Switzerland in Uzbekistan, and UNICEF Uzbekistan. Transportation partner – MyTaxi. Project sponsor – construction company KNAUF.