Zhenechka Palekhova
Lyudka Honored Artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan Marina Turpisheva
Lyudka 2 Klara Nafikova/ Misha Safaryan
Ba Honored Artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan Olga Volodina
Cherepovets Emil Khayrulin
Romashka Rafael Babajanov
Dostoevsky Farrukh Moldakhanov
Griboedov Yan Dobrynin
Ivanov Gleb Golender


October 16-17
Opening night of the play “Lyudka” (by Zhenechka Palekhova)
Ladies invite gentlemen!
The program of the evening suggests social tango and bright buffoonery!

“Lyudka” is a woman in her uncertain age, dancing through life, either lonely or exhausted of a sequence of obsessive gentlemen. Lyudka’s house is always full of men; however, all of them stay short here. They dance their unsophisticated part and disappear.

“It’s just someone seeing you, decided that he would be okay beside you. While the dance lasts … The music ends – the musicians have not yet had time to put an end to it, but he has already opened his eyes and with a polite nod, let go his lady, who having fallen from a breathtaking height and, to her surprise, without bruising knees, smiles pleasantly on her part.”
Lyudka is trinity and eternal. So Lyudka continues to enchant and disappoint, amaze and inspire, she beats backhand and pulls no punches. She does not stop saving, teaching, peeling potatoes, giving injections, and hiding skeletons in the closet. Because for her exists only love and tango…