Dear guests, we would like to inform you that ”Phaedra” at November 26th will be replaced by a performance “Three tall women”.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused!

Master class directed by Antoine Gindt.

From November 18 to 22, 2019, with the support of the French Embassy in Uzbekistan, the Ilkhom Theater hosted a master class directed by Antoine Gindt. And on November 23, a private display of the master class results was held.

The work was based on the material of the opera “Conversations” by Georges Apergis. “Conversations” is a collection of dozens of texts invented by the composer Georges Apergis. These short texts (often not more than one page) written in a fictitious language fit phonetically to an existing language. They are similar to a musical theater, one of the most prominent representatives of which is also Georges Apergis.

Master class by Italian director Andrea Benallo

Since November 6, a master class by Italian director Andrea Benallo has been held at the Ilkhom Theater for students and actors of the company.
The Ateliecunqueo Research Theater is located in northern Italy in the province of Bergamo. The company consists of an international team of actors and musicians and conducts creative research in combining the methods of European theater (E. Grotovsky, E. Barba) with cultural elements that came from the tradition of Sufism (voice, music, dance, rhythm, breathing).

Basic support for the project is provided by the Swiss Cooperation Office under the Embassy of Switzerland in Uzbekistan.


December 22 – IlkhomRockFest: master class and performance of modern fusion megastars – Alex Hutchings Band.
The leader and frontman of the band, Alex Hutchings, a guitarist from Bristol, has extensive experience playing rock, blues, funk, jazz and r’n’b on tours around the world: in South Africa, Asia and Europe.

Together with Alex Hutchings the followings will go brilliant: (more…)


The theater Ilkhom, Laboratory of Artyom Kim, band “Omnibus” and choreographer Maria Tikhomolova present the plastic play “The Quartet”.
“The Quartet is a musical band of 4 musicians, vocalists or instrumentalists.”
The Quartet is the actors of the Ilkhom Theater, Honored Artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan Olga Volodina and Gimal Gafiyatullin and dancers Kristina Borzova and Fidan Abyshzade, who found a common language – a body language. (more…)


The new theater season of the Ilkhom Theater can be characterized by the slogan “Theater goers – Unite!”. The 44th theater season was opened with a tour to Moscow, where two performances were presented at once at the Center for Drama and Directing namely: “Tsvetaeva. Fedra” and “Dog’s Heart”. (more…)


German poet and playwright Bertold Brecht began writing his play “Mother Courage” on the eve of World War II. He conceived it as a warning to the authorities, which was to sound from the scenes of big cities: “Whoever wants to have breakfast with the devil should stock up on a long spoon.” The playwright finished the play in the autumn of 1939, when the war had already been unleashed, and bitterly admitted defeat: “Writers cannot write as fast as the governments unleash wars: after all, to compose, you have to think …“Mother Courage” is late”. How wrong he was! (more…)

(Русский) Ilkhom Rock Fest

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