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Naska Nastasya:
27 апреля в 18:30 на сцене театра “Ильхом” выступит джазовый пианист из Израиля – Омри Мор.

Омри Мор родился и вырос в Иерусалиме. Музыкальное образование получил в Академии музыки им. С. Рубина в Иерусалиме.
Пять раз подряд он был удостоен самой престижной стипендии Израильско-американского фонда.

Омри Мор постоянно выступает на джазовых фестивалях в Израиле и за рубежом, совместно с рок-музыкантами, исполнителями этнической музыки.
В своих выступлениях пианист сочетает разные стилистические элементы и жанры.
Репертуар музыканта включает классическую, джазовую, андалузскую, северо-африканскую, латинскую и афро-кубинскую музыку.

Билеты в кассе театра: 71 241-22-41, 71 71 241-22-52

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Laboratory “The Woman in Me”

The Ilkhom Theatre is hosting a unique laboratory titled “The Woman in Me” led by Anora Kholmatova. Only the women of the theatre are participating in the laboratory; we’ll tell you more about the final product a little later. Keep an eye on our announcements!

About Anora Khalmatova: (more…)

The Academy of Contemporary Music Omnibus – “ACMO”!

In a few days, the ensemble Omnibus launches the Academy of Contemporary Music Omnibus – “ACMO”!
Twenty young musicians from Bukhara, Xorazm and Samarkand together with the mentors of the Academy will get to Tashkent to create a unique musical program. The result of their artistic collaborationwill be presented in the ACMO Festival, which will take place on the stage of the Theatre Ilkhom on 23rd and 24th of March. (more…)


22 March at the Ilkhom Rock Fest – the band Vordan Karmir (Armenia)

Vordan Karmir – one of Armenia’s most famous rock bands. Their songs are often characterized as a contemporary rock-take in Armenian folk. The original mix of melodic and traditional singing, and their uncompromising, hard drive create an unprecedented atmosphere at their concerts.

Tashkent’s own Origami Wings will share the stage with Vordan Karmir on that day.

Made possible with the support of CMI after party bar and Unique Present Media Holding. Tickets available at the box office: 71-241-22-41

Photo Exhibition “The Woman Who…”

The exhibition titled “The Woman Who…” will open on March 8th at 17:30.

This is how the photographer and curator of the exhibition, Anatoliy Kim describes it: “It is dedicated to the unparalleled beauty of the actress – a woman with many faces, one who cannot be contained by a single adjective, someone who is always different… I think that everyone will be able to find their own beauty in these works.” (more…)

You can now purchase tickets to the Ilkhom Theatre online!

You can now purchase tickets to the Ilkhom Theatre online!
We are happy to present our new partner to you – the website!
Thanks to the services provided by you can now purchase tickets ahead of time to any event at the theatre in just a few clicks.

Purchase your tickets to the Ilkhom theatre at

Application is now live for Studio 11!

Application is now live for Studio 11!
Are you young, talented, and want to let the world know?
It’s time for you to make your dream come true!
The Ilkhom Theatre is how accepting applicants for Studio 11!
Specialty: theatre and cinema actor

First consultations: April 8 and 22 at 4 pm
Entry exam: August 2019
Detailed information: +998 90 970 85 69

Photo exhibition “All the World in One Look”

Our goal – to emphasize to people that we really are responsible for those we domesticate. So many animals are thrown to the forces of fate, often by their owners. And each animal has it’s own story thy reads so clearly in their loyal eyes. Look closer!
The exhibition supports a charitable cause – profits go to the first official shelter in Uzbekistan “Hayot-Life”, the owner of which is airosa Matkarimova.
Photographs of stray animals, as well as those living in the shelter, accenting their lively but silent eyes. We want to awaken feelings of humanity, understanding and acceptance of a difficult life. (more…)