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Ilkhom Party

One of the oldest and most famous rock bands of Uzbekistan – Domino – returns to the summer venue of the Ilkhom theater!
The opening act is Roadkill Armadillo band with Tyler Polumsky and Nikita Makarenko.
Ilkhom Party – time to rock!


On September 13th at 5:30 PM Ilkhom theater will have an opening of an exhibition of talented Uzbek artist Sanjar Jabbarov. Hurry up to visit this art marathon – it will last until October 13th.

Sanjar Jabbarov is a graduate of the K. Behzad National Institute of Arts and Design, and since 2008 is a member of the “5+1” creative group at the Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan. He is also a member of international and Uzbek exhibitions, winner of various exhibitions and biennials.

Get involved with art in Ilkhom!

(Русский) Лаборатория молодых режиссеров ЦА 2019

We present to you the playwright, the director of documentary projects at Theater.doc, as well as the next curator of the Laboratory for Young Directors of 2019, Yekaterina Bondarenko.

Born in Tashkent, she graduated from the International Journalism faculty. She has been working in the theatrical sphere since 2010. (more…)

Laboratory for Young Directors of Central Asia 2019.

Roman Feodori is a wide-range director and the first of the curators of the Laboratory for Young Directors of Central Asia 2019.
⠀Roman received the National Golden Mask Award for his bewitching visionary shows that are far from reality. But he is as interested in reality as in fairy tales. (more…)