December 7 is the opening of the exhibition of Jahongir Bobokulov “Dynamics of feelings”.
Feelings can have different levels of specification – from direct ones to a real object, to feelings associated with social values and ideals.
The exhibition “Dynamics of Feelings” is an opportunity to plunge into the world of non-representative art and discover the depths of the soul of a young artist.
Jahongir Bobokulov was born on January 25, 1996 in Bukhara region.
In 2008 he entered a specialized art school.
(2010-2011) received 2 Gold Medals of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan.
2011 – Entered the republican Art College named after P. Benkov.
2011 – Grand Prix at the Kim Yong Institute of the Republic of Korea.
2013 – March 9, was the first solo exhibition “Ilk Chizgilar Debochasi” [Debut of Initial Lines] held in the memorial museum named after K. Bekhzod.
2013 – Gold Medal Award by the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan.
2013 – Exhibition “Mentor and learner” at the Gallery “Caravansaray” named after I. Hiroyama (Mentor – Jamol Usmanov).
2014 – Entered the Institute of Arts and Design named after K. Bekhzod to the department of easel painting.
2016 – Solo exhibition “Anthem of love and beauty” in the French alliance.
2018 – Graduated from the Institute of Arts and Design named after K. Bekhzod.
2018 – Solo exhibition “Space Development” in BONUM FACTUM Gallery.
2019 – Exhibition “FROM TASHKENT WITH LOVE” gallery “ab” Seoul, Korea.
2019 – Took part in the Biopassport exhibition