From February 26-28, the Ilkhom Theatre of Mark Weil will be pleased to present audiences with the premiere of “The Son”, a new play based on a work of the same name by French cult writer Florian Zeller.

Zeller’s play, which centres around a father and a child, takes the form of a detective mystery. Everyone is a potential suspect, but everyone also seems to have an ironclad alibi. Behind the apparent simplicity of the action lurks the eternal question: To be or not to be?

Director: Boris Gafurov

Designer: Vasily Yuriev

Choreographer: Maria Tikhomolova


Nicolas: Rustam Musakulov / Rafael Babadjanov

Pierre: Gleb Golender

Sofia: Galina Borisova / Natalia Lee

Anna: Julia Plakida / Claudia Bezmaterykh

Doctor: Vladimir Yudin

Orderlies: Emil Khairullin, Petr Kiryukhin

Cameramen: Rafael Babadjanov / Rustam Musakulov