On 25 December, the Ilkhom Theatre of Mark Weil opened Sanjar Jabbarov’s latest exhibition, “Milky Way”.

“The idea for “Milky Way” came about when I started working on the first painting,” said the artist. “It’s strange, but when I start to work through a series, time can bring extraordinary surprises.

“Such surprises accompany the birth of children, the appearance of illness, the emergence of love. This pandemic is not the end of my work, but rather a new stage. Quarantine gave me a chance to be alone with nature and get away from the hustle and bustle, to feel like a part of nature.

“The Milky Way is a metaphor. But on this way, I, as an artist, carry a great load, a burden. I am incubating new works and ideas.”

We invite you to see and feel the poetry of Sanjar Jabbarov’s painting. The exhibition opened on 25 December in the foyer of the Ilkhom Тheatre.

The strategic partner of the Ilkhom Theatre is the Swiss Cooperation Bureau of the Embassy of Switzerland in Uzbekistan.