(Русский) Нам нужна ваша поддержка!

Dear friends,
We want to express once again huge gratitude to everyone who continue to help us in restoration of our exhibition hall after fire which has happened in Ilkhom on December, 12th, 2022.
Today 10 280 USD and 20 850 000 soum have already been collected for restoration of the exhibition hall.

We still need 195 453 570 soum to reach the final amount and will continue to collect financial aid for the repair work.

We want to lift the veil of secrecy and show you a sketch of the renovated lobby! It’s preliminary, so some intrigue remains! You will be able to see exactly how the renovated exhibition hall will look after the restoration work is completed. We are anticipating a cozy, comfortable, modern space, with new technical capabilities and design!

Individuals can send funds to HUMO Card in Uzbek soums on the card of Irina Bharat – The International program director of the Ilkhom Theatre:
9860 1066 2464 5730 Irina Bxarat
Or on VISA Card in US dollars:
4278 3100 2089 5488 Irina Bxarat
You can also send money to PayPal: @nikmccaren