Patronage is a vital form of support for the arts and sciences.

As an independent theatre, Ilkhom is in dire need of such support. Fortunately, it has become easier than ever to be a patron of the arts: all you have to do is buy a Patron’s Ticket.

A Patron’s Ticket will allow you to attend any performance at the Ilkhom Theatre,

even if the show is officially sold out. Moreover, buying a Patron’s Ticket will allow you to support the artistic and cultural development of Uzbekistan.

Buying a Patron’s Ticket enables you to participate in:

-the creation of new projects

-equipping the theater with stage equipment, such as sound and lighting equipment, musical instruments, sets, and props.

You can help the Ilkhom Theatre directly by buying a Patron’s Ticket today!

The cost of one Patron’s Ticket is 350,000 soum.