Art Residency

Art Residency with American artist Lance Johnson, organized by CEC ArtsLink (USA) will take place on  March 6-31, 2023 at The Ilkhom theatre.

Lance Johnson:
“My vision is to share my process of creating art with the community of Ilkholm Theater. Collaboration that serves as a artistic dialogue that transcends borders and language barriers. Art connects us all universally. I want to share my techniques and passion for creating and see how the local culture informs my work”.

Columbus artist Lance Johnson’s motto is “The world is a canvas.” Growing up in The Bronx, New York, Johnson fell in love with the colors and textures of the graffiti he saw around him. Now he inspires today’s youths by turning found objects – discarded windows, tabletops, mirrors, desks and shoes, to name just a few – into works of art with dazzling spray paint colors, bold lines and stenciled “words of inspiration”.