February 28th, at 6:30, the Ilkhom Theatre will host the pianist Ruslan Volkov’s artist evening.

POLYSPHERE is an intriguing puzzle made of multicolored angles, compiled in the process of collaboration between people representing different musical genres such as pop, rock, blues, and cinematic.

POLYSPHERE is a multitude of puzzles coming together in Ruslan Volkov’s performance.
His friends will help him assemble these puzzles: the actors and musicians are ready to play – are you?

Friends: Vladimir Yudin, Yan Dobrynin, Maksim Fadeyev, Stas Toropchin, Grigoriy Daniyelyan, Timur Sklyarov, Viloyat Salakhitdinova, Ruslan Khasankhodjaev, Dilyaver Mamutov, Alexandra Ivannikova, Aziza Nizamova

Box office: 71 241 22 41, 71 241 22 52