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по автобиографическому роману Марлен Дитрих «Размышления»
Режиссер Георгий Дмитриев
Художник-постановщик Антон Гуськов
Действующие лица
Марлен Заслуженная артистка Республики Узбекистан Марина Турпищева
Руслан Волков Партия фортепиано

“Solo for a woman with a piano”

A fictional story about the rehearsals of Marlene Dietrich’s last concert. Many admirers of her talent convinced the “living legend” to come back to the scene and give one final concert. During rehearsal, Marlene begins to recall the most vivid scenes of her life, and how these moments are related her songs.

The episodes vary – funny and sad, ridiculous and terrible, warm and cold – parts that make up the story and fate of every woman, to a greater or lesser extent. Held at the end of her last concert rehearsals, will myth remain a myth? You can learn by watching this show.
Memories of Marlene Dietrich and her contemporaries, songs from her repertoire, combined together in the form of a one-man show – a look at the legend of cinema and pop that has become an icon of style and taste, the standard of beauty and human relationships, not only for Europe, but all around the world. It is also a declaration of love to the profession, directors, actors … to all the people who have devoted their lives to art.

The performance was previewed, under the working title “Marlene”, at the Ilkhom Theater, on April 27th, 2011.
The premiere took place on March 1, 2012.