Uncle’s dream

Story starts comically: elderly but wealthy duke K. comes to county town Mordasov. Having learnt about this, adventurous and prudent Maria Alexandrovna Moskalyova decides to put her 23 -year-old daughter in a home with a noble aristocrat. At first the girl opposes the plan but later listens to her mother and agrees to hold the old man in thrall. However, when it comes to weddings, the duke suddenly announces that everything that happened was a dream.

ATTENTION: Due to swearing this play is not intended for persons under the age of 18

Staging – Vyacheslav Tszyu

Adaptation –  Vyacheslav Tszyu

Scenography – Vasily Yuriev

Music – Nikita Makarenko



Duke K. (uncle) – Aleksey Pistsov

Maria Alexandrovna Moskalyova – Yuliya Plakida

Zinaida Moskalyova – Anastasia Sergeeva

Athanasius Matveyitch (husband of Maria Alexandrovna) – Jan Dobrynin

Nastasya Zyablova – Christina Belousova

Sofia Petrovna Karpukhina – Natalia

Anna Nikolayevna Antipova, mother of Vasya – Zinaida Melkonian

Pavel Mozglyakov – Askar Urmanov

Vasya – Ruslan Ergashev


The authors of poetry and lyrics:

Poems read by Zina, romance – Anastasia Sergeeva:.

Poems “Ley, Gospody, ley” (Pour, Lord, pour), “Pesnya o den’gah” (Song about money) – Askar Urmanov:



“Pesnya o chahotochnom mal’chike” (Song of the consumptive boy), “Pushkin”, “Koni” (Horses), “Pesnya o pigodi” (Song about pigodi ) –  Askar Urmanov and “Tupratikons” band,

“Pushkin”, “Pesnya o den’gah” (Song about money), “Romance “ – Nikita Makarenko

“Pesnya pro Mordasova” (Song about Mordasov ) – Ruslan Ergashev

“Mumiyo”, “Pesnya pro vatrushku” (Song about cheesecake) – Jan Dobrynin