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The Laboratory “Theatre + Music”

On March 26th at 18:30, the Ilkhom Theatre of Mark Weil and the Omnibus Ensemble will present another project from Artyom Kim’s Laboratory “Theatre+Music”.
The evening’s program includes Shostakovich’s string quartet №3 and №5, as well as a musical-theatrical composition based on the diaries of Michael Bulgakov.

Texts will be read by honored artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan Olga Volodina, Yuliya Plakida, and Natalya .

The Laboratory “Theatre+Music” began its work under the roof of the Ilkhom Theatre in 2016. It was created so that actors, musicians, artists, and playwrights could engage in collaborative artistic endeavors, exchange ideas and pinpoint new areas of overlap. The fruits of this artistic collaboration, grown in the process of trainings and shows is what we share with the audience.

Information on ticketing is available at 241-22-42, 241-22-52, and through the theatre’s website http://ilkhom.com/repertuar/repplan/