Stage Director Maksim Fadeev

PREVIEW of From Ulysses. Joyce

On June 16th and 23rd at 6:30 p.m. PREVIEW of From Ulysses. Joyce
If Socrates leaves the house today, he will find a sage sitting at his door. If Judas sets out today, this journey will lead him to Judas. James Joyce set out with himself on June 16th and spent seven Julian years on the road and wrote “the greatest novel of the twentieth century” in order to meet his sage face to face on the evening of that day .

In Bloomsday 2022 we will travel to the library, to one of the chapters of the cunning odyssey, the labyrinth of the engineer Daedalus: we will try to navigate between the whirlpool of post and the rock of meta, to stay or kill those who, like ourselves, speak their own language. We will look into the section of Elizabethan drama, accompanied by polyphony of comments from her fans and admirers.

On your way out, don’t forget to get your library card. Fill out the captcha, and confirm that you are not a robot: the alterodysseymodern does not go to war and does not find a way home. ВAll links are redirected stories are twisted Cyclops don’t eat people titans don’t eat children too hedge lablurinths hide love not monsters three quarks for Muster Mark!