Ilkhom Panorama invites you to go back into the Second World War period of Tashkent and join the watching of “Twenty Days Without War” by Aleksei German.
Every citizen of Tashkent proud of the contribution the city made to the victory of Soviet Аrmy over fascism. Many of them know from their grandparents about the price each person paid for this.

“Twenty days without war” shows a doom of the best human feelings for mortality because of war.
The movie immerses audience into realities of a wartime, forcing them to see and experience the feelings of people whose lives were touched by the war, which had left a bloody and indelible mark, with the complete absence of hostilities scenes.
The film shows the 20-day leave of war correspondent Lopatin, who travels by train to the distant city of Tashkent. It’s very far from the front but the war seems to be present in people’s minds even there.
The scriptwriter of “Twenty days without war” was the famous Soviet poet and prose writer Konstantin Simonov, who himself worked as a war correspondent during the WW II.
Starring the legendary soviet actors – Yuri Nikulin and Lyudmila Gurchenko.
The film will be shown in Russian with English subtitles.

Entrance is free.