Zoom series ARS LONGA (art forever) is a joint project of the Ilkhom Theater and the ART & SHOCK Theater.
Every Wednesday and Saturday at 20:00 Tashkent time, you may watch the performance in a new format: the beloved artists of two independent theaters present the online series ARS LONGA (art forever) on their YouTube channels.

ARS LONGA is an extremely topical play by Mikhail Durnenkov, a Russian playwright. This is a story about how actors during a pandemic begin to produce a “series for the Internet” in order to stay within the profession.

Art is forever. May the theater be!

Zoom series is produced by:

The Ilkhom Theater: Boris Gafurov, Vladimir Yudin, Seydulla Moldakhanov, Olga Volodina.
ART & SHOCK Theater: Chingiz Kapin, Victoria Mukhamedzhanova, Elena Nabokova, Kuantai Abdimadi.
Director: Galina Pyanova. Art manager: Anton Bolkunov.