“Feather on Sand”

Theatre’s new play “Feather on Sand” is premiering on June 8th and 9th!
Two leading actors of the theater of Mark Weil “Ilkhom” – Vladimir Yudin and Aleksey Pistsov – present Maksim Fadeev’s project that is based on a play of modern Japan playwright, scriptwriter, actor and director Koki Mitani – “Laughter Academy”.

The story might seem trivial at first – the Author comes to the Censor to get a permission for a play, which seems to be a formality, but the Censor performs his duties very “responsibly”. The battle of opposites turns into an endless philosophic and absurd dialogue – the “battle” for the words and the meanings. In the end, “the battle on the intellectual boxing ring” changes the characters gradually, without them even noticing. Koki Mitani’s comedy is on the subject of freedom and it’s borders, about both – the Author and the Censor – living inside every one of us, and it’s completely unknown who, finally, will prevail.