A family exhibition “Space for Happiness”

Presenting their work is a family of artists: Florida Gambarova, Vladimir Chub, Valeriy Gambarov, Taras and Keira Chub.

The name of the exhibition itself conveys the concept of a space for happiness.
Home, family, everyday life, art.

The artists live together as one big family, work and exhibit together over the course of decades. This exhibition spans three generations.

Next year, all the members of this artist family living in different countries, but having grown up in Uzbekistan plan to reunite. A house in the mountains, nature, and the beauty of home. Surprise and awe of the world – this is where it all starts, then finds it’s way through each person and develops form and content on different, yet somehow similar canvases.
The artists reach deep to the roots of national traditions, transforming them, and finding connections to contemporary directions in art. From realism to abstraction, each constructing their own way, finding their own philosophy and poetry, identifying their own artist’s credo.
Enjoy the viewing.