Anastasia Pryadkina, an actress of the Ilkhom theater, is currently undergoing lymphoma treatment. The cost of one course of chemotherapy is 22 million soum. We have been able to raise most of this amount, but Anastasia still needs 4 million soum in order to complete her current course of treatment.

We ask you to help Anastasia overcome this stage in order to finally defeat lymphoma. Together we can do it!

To make a direct transfer:

Uzcard: 8600 1309 6712 5008 Anastasia Pryadkina

MasterCard: 5174 2500 5195 9534 Anastasia Pryadkina

By cash:

Personally to Anastasia Pryadkina: +998903164114

Or to Farrukh Moldakhanov: +998901380388