“Our Mahalla”

Dear friends, we are happy to inform you that due to multiple requests from our audience, we will be bringing the play “Our Mahalla” back to the stage of Ilkhom!

“Our Mahalla” is a compilation of the best artistic endeavors of Ilkhom’s Studio VII, brought together into one composition.
The audience is presented with images from the multifaceted life in the “Ilkhom” mahalla – the characters meet and part, fight and make up, love and hate, go mad and find their way. The scenography of “Our Mahalla” is filled with allusions to the most meaningful productions of the Ilkhom Theatre throughout the years.

The theatre itself becomes a character in the play – a living organism that has shown multiple generations of its “children” the way to acting.

The play premiered on January 25th, 2012 – on the birthday of the founder of the Ilkhom theatre – Mark Weil.

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