Dear Audience of the Ilkhom Theater!

Dear friends! Dear Ilkhom audience!

Due to the pandemic, following order 01-11-15-615 of the Ministry of Culture of Uzbekistan, beginning March 17th, the theatre has decided to suspend all activity and cancel all plays scheduled for March 2020.

This is a very difficult choice for us. The Ilkhom Theatre has not closed it’s doors in the past 44 years. But we came to this decision in consideration of the health of our audience members, and we want to contribute to the efforts of halting this pandemic.

The theatre exists in large part based on ticket sales revenue, having no other steady source of income. Across the world, independent theatres today are finding themselves in precarious positions. The quarantine will impact all spheres of life, but non-commercial organizations will bear the brunt of it. The Ilkhom Theatre of Mark Weil is in a more precarious position still due to the question of the building we occupy still being in the air.

Ticket sales for all plays are currently suspended. Depending on how events unfold, the theatre will look for new ways to exist in April and the coming months. Please, stay with us, and pay attention to our communications – we need your support!

All tickets purchased for March productions remain valid. You will be able to use them as soon as the quarantine is lifted. We ask our patrons for support during this time, and urge you not to turn to the box office for refunds. Please save your tickets and use them at a later time. The theatre is in an urgent need of funding to survive the quarantine.

Patrons who do wish to refund their tickets can do so by contacting the box office after April 10th. Due to the fact that the theatre is a non-commercial organization, we will only be able to refund your money using your cards. Box office number: 71-241-22-41.

Thank you for your understanding and support!