Patronage – it’s a commitment to developing the arts and sciences. As a theatre not supported by the state, Ilkhom desperately needs this type of support. It has become significantly easier to become a patron today – to contribute your part to preserving art and to help our theatre, you can simply purchase “The Patron Ticket”.

“The Patron Ticket” – it provides you with the opportunity to always find seats for Ilkhom’s plays, even if you’re greeted by a sign at the entrance reading “all tickets are sold!”

“The Patron Ticket” – it’s an opportunity to support the art and culture of your country.

“The Patron Ticket” – it’s an opportunity to actively take part in your theatre’s growth:
– you support new projects
– you support the acquisition of specialized theatre equipment (sound and light technologies, musical instruments, set pieces, and props)

“The Patron Ticket” – it’s your personal aid to Ilkhom!

Cost: 300,000 soum