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(Русский) 28 июня Ilkhom Party завершит 43-й театральный сезон!

28 июня Ilkhom Party завершит 43-й театральный сезон!

Вечеринка пройдёт под рок-хиты любимых Flyin Up, затем вечер продолжит Dmitri Shvets в ритмичных битах Techno.

Электро-дэнс, энергия и драйв — the best challenge на вечер пятницы.

Ilkhom Party состоится при поддержке CMI afterparty bar.

Билеты в кассе театра:

???? 71-241-22-41
???? 71-241-22-52

Стоимость 20 000 сумов.

16 June 18:30

“Three tall women”

Written by Edward Albee - three time laureate of the Pulitzer Prize, one of the most prolific American playwrights, whose plays are successfully performed around the world for over half a century, almost all are dramaturgical bestsellers. “Three Tall Women” won Albee one of his Pulitzer’s in 1994. (more…)
19 June 18:30

“Tortilla Flat”

musical in two acts on John Steinbeck`s novel of the same name
“Tortilla Flat” in “Ilkhom” this is the performance about how in people, who live doggy life, humanity does not die but rise to life and how kind, sincere dogs set an example to us, people, reminding that we are not a pack. (more…)
20 June 18:30

“Happy Beggars”

A story based on K. Gozzi’s play, but transported to Samarkand, where traditional characters of Italian Commedia del’Arte found real personalities, histories, nationalities, and and languages. (more…)
21 June 18:30


22 March at the Ilkhom Rock Fest - the band Vordan Karmir (Armenia) Vordan Karmir - one of Armenia’s most famous rock bands. Their songs are often characterized as a contemporary rock-take in Armenian folk. The original mix of melodic and traditional singing, and their uncompromising, hard drive create an unprecedented atmosphere at their concerts. (more…)
22 June 18:30

“Tin drum”

On May 26th and 27th, the Ilkhom Theatre will premiere "The Tin Drum" - a production based on Nobel prize laureaute, and German writer Günter Grass' novel, which brought him world fame. (more…)
22 June 19:00


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23 June 18:30


Musical - poetic evening "Sergei Yesenin. Heavenly Drummer", dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the birth of the great Russian poet. (more…)
25 June 18:30


Returning to the ritual origins of theatre, Sophocles’ polyvalent, richly textured tragedy is re-imagined as a mythic re-enactment, a theatrical ritual in the literal sense. (more…)
26 June 18:30

“Heart of a dog”

An unprecedented creature will be born on stage of Tashkent's Ilkhom Theatre of Mark Weil. In the presence of the audience, a new heart will begin to beat. The question is - does this heart belong to a dog or a human? (more…)
27 June 18:30

“Our Makhalla”

"Our Mahalla" is a compilation of the best artistic endeavors of Ilkhom's Studio VII, brought together into one composition. (more…)
28 June 18:30

OPENING NIGHT “Academy of Laughter” (“Fеather on the sand”)

Two of the Ilkhom Theatre’s leading actors, Vladimir Yudin and Aleksey Piscov, will present Maksim Fadeyev’s project based on the play “Academy of Laughter” by contemporary Japanese playwright, actor, and director Koki Mitani. (more…)