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3 March 19:00


Musical - poetic evening "Sergei Yesenin. Heavenly Drummer", dedicated to the 120th anniversary of the birth of the great Russian poet. (more…)
5 March 19:00


Artem Kim's laboratory and Mark Wail's Ilkhom Theater present: "Tomorrow". February 15 and 16 the premiere of a new play by Nikita Makarenko with music by Ashot Danielyan. (more…)
6 March 19:00


October 16-17 Opening night of the play “Lyudka” (by Zhenechka Palekhova) Ladies invite gentlemen! The program of the evening suggests social tango and bright buffoonery! “Lyudka” is a woman in her uncertain age, dancing through life, either lonely or exhausted of a sequence of obsessive gentlemen. Lyudka’s house is always full of men; however, all of them stay short here. They dance their unsophisticated part and disappear. (more…)
7 March 19:00


Once upon a time, a Bull was born. From a black stone. And on the day he was born, a call to adventure took him away to find his voice. On June 24 and 25, Ilkhom Theatre will open "Bull n’ Birds" an original production by Mitya Zolotov directed by Stephen Thomas Ochsner. (more…)

(Русский) Творческий вечер, посвященный поэту-мудрецу Т. Зульфикарову

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9 March 19:00


The play “The Son” is named after the play by the iconic French playwright Florian Zeller and staged by Boris Gafurov. Problems of fathers and children by Zeller is a detective story in which we cling to versions about suspected perpetrators, but each suspect turns out to have an iron alibi. (more…)

Underground girls

September 10th and 11th the PREMIERE of the performance “Underground Girls” (by E. Reilly and J. Skrzywanek) Once upon a time in a land far far away the world ended for women. This is their story, their strength, survival, and heart ache. “Underground Girls” is a wild and immersive exploration of freedom and oppression. (more…)

“White White Black Stork”

"WHITE WHITE BLACK STORK" Inadvertently startling storks - their own children, not adults broke the nest, and life itself. This performance of "Ilkhom" has risen to the heights of Shakespeare. (more…)

“Seven moons”

Seven Moons written by Alisher Navoi is a poetic, Sufi parable about the mysterious equilibrium of fame and infamy, greatness and humiliation, about a shah who once had everything, but lost it all because of his regal pride. (more…)

(Русский) ТАРТЮФ

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“Three tall women”

Written by Edward Albee - three time laureate of the Pulitzer Prize, one of the most prolific American playwrights, whose plays are successfully performed around the world for over half a century, almost all are dramaturgical bestsellers. “Three Tall Women” won Albee one of his Pulitzer’s in 1994. (more…)

“I love you, but”

“The text of the play” is not a finished play, but a compilation of intimate stories. In the citizens' stage, the performer and the author are not always the same person, but all the monologues that sound here are not fictional. These are live voices of real citizens of an exact city with their own inner world. (more…)

“Rain Behind The Wall”

The theater of Mark Weil “Ilkhom” with the support of the Swiss Cooperation Office in Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Prince Claus Fund of the Netherlands present the premiere play Rain Behind The Wall (written by Yuri Klavdiev). (more…)


The theater Ilkhom, Laboratory of Artyom Kim, band “Omnibus” and choreographer Maria Tikhomolova present the plastic play “The Quartet”. “The Quartet is a musical band of musicians, vocalists or instrumentalists.” The Quartet is the actors of the Ilkhom Theater, Honored Artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan Olga Volodina and Gimal Gafiyatullin and dancers Kristina Borzova and Fidan Abyshzade, who found a common language – a body language. (more…)

“Heart of a dog”

An unprecedented creature will be born on stage of Tashkent's Ilkhom Theatre of Mark Weil. In the presence of the audience, a new heart will begin to beat. The question is - does this heart belong to a dog or a human? (more…)


PREMIER of the performance “The three sisters” (by Anton Chekhov) . Directed by Natalya Li. The action happens in an unknown time. Maybe it's the future. Perhaps the past. The quest for happiness, or for self-discovery in the perfect place of your dreams. Such a place does not exist on earth. Happiness is only inside of you. Strategic partner – the Swiss Cooperation Office at the Embassy of Switzerland in Uzbekistan.

(Русский) Премьера “Край”

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(Русский) “Свободный аукцион имени Сергея Параджанова”

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“Happy Beggars”

A story based on K. Gozzi’s play, but transported to Samarkand, where traditional characters of Italian Commedia del’Arte found real personalities, histories, nationalities, and and languages. (more…)

(Русский) ТАРТЮФ

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